About Us

We are a full service shotgun sports facility with Trap, Skeet, 5 Stand and Sporting Clay’s dedicated to both the serious and novice shotgun enthusiast.

Ammunition Pricing

We sell 12, 20, 28, and 410 gauge ammunition.  We sell shot sizes of 7.5, 8, & 9’s which is all that is allowed at the gun club.  All prices include sales tax, and all ammunition sales depend on on-hand inventory and availability.

Standard ammunition (typically Remington Gun Club)

Premium ammunition (typically Winchester AA):

Redrop shot – Prices and inventory subject to change

Reclaim shot – Prices and inventory subject to change

Ammunition Purchases

As of July 1, 2019 any person who purchases ammunition will be subject to a background check similar to a gun purchase. You can check out all of the requirements on the State of California Department of Justice website. https://oag.ca.gov/firearms A few documents I have found helpful are 1. Frequently Asked Questions 2. Automated Firearms System Personal Information Update 3. Additional Documentation Requirements for Eligibility Checks with Federal Non-Compliant California Driver License or Identification Cards 4. Ammunition Purchase Authorization Program 5. Ammunition Dealer User Guide It seems that if you have a C.O.E or the REAL ID Drivers License (it has a bear with a star on it in the upper right hand corner) and have purchased a gun through the State of CA your check should be pretty easy and fast. If you do not have the REAL ID or COE, you will need your birth certificate or passport and proof of residence such as a utility bill. Make sure the DMV has your current address on file. You can update this online through the Department of Motor Vehicles. There are three types of Eligibility Checks – Your drivers license or ID will be swiped. In all types – your personal information from your drivers license and the quantity and what type of ammo you purchase will be entered. The state will be charging a processing fee. 1. Standard Ammunition Eligibility Check – Your information matches an entry in the Automated Firearm System -AFS (If you have purchased a gun recently you should be in this system) this should be a quick check 2. Basic Ammunition Eligibility Check – You are not in the AFS system – We enter all the information and go back in to check to see if you are approved. I have not found any indication of the processing time. 3. Certificate of Eligibility Check – If you have a COE (any person that sells ammunition or firearms must have a COE). From what I can see, this will be a fast process. I believe anyone can apply for a COE – it involves a Live Scan and an annual fee. Refer to State of California Certificate of Eligibility for detailed information. Please have patience when purchasing ammunition in the club house. It will take time to become familiar with this process.

Board Members

President: Dirk O’rear 

Vice-President: Tim Delcid


Bruce Binns

Dereke Gerecke

Troy Marsh

Keith Welch

John Wilson